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I read The Downstairs Girl--one of Stacey Lee's other books--a few months ago, and I absolutely loved it, so I was very excited to read Luck of the Titanic. This book definitely did not disappoint, and I actually enjoyed it more than The Downstairs Girl. Here are some reasons why:
First, Stacey Lee's writing style is amazing. Unlike so many other authors today, whose books seem to be littered with unnecessary sentence fragments, very few of the sentences Stacey Lee writes are fragments. I understand that using sentence fragments is a stylistic choice, but I feel that it is jarring and distracting.
Second, Luck of the Titanic has many amazing characters, including Valora, the book's narrator; Jamie, her twin brother; and their friends on the ship with them, including but not limited to Bo, Wink, Olly, and Alice Hart.
Overall, I greatly enjoyed Luck of the Titanic and would definitely pick up another one of Stacey Lee's books.