A tale of hope and heartbreak.

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If your as fascinated as I am by stories about this historical event, I definitely recommend picking this one up. It is an own voices novel inspired by the recent discovery of 8 chinese passengers aboard the ill-fated ship. Valora's story is one of true perseverance in the face of a world of obstacles and of family both blood and found. Her acrobatic skill was thrilling to read and I was enthralled by her balancing act between her first class disguise as the fashionable Merry Widow and a girl just trying to fight for a place in American life. Many times I found myself so wrapped up in her story and determined spirit that I forgot the ending that was destined to come until I turned the page and saw the date at the head of the chapter: April 14th, 1912 was here. Stacey gives you a group of such beloved characters and you just know there will be heartbreak ahead. Read this book, so good.