A new favorite YA historical!

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Please excuse me while I WEEP over this book that destroyed me...Okay, honestly though, this was such a compelling, can't-put-down historical YA novel set aboard the Titanic! An important thing to know is that although the book takes place on the Titanic, the sinking of the ship isn't necessarily the focal point of the story.

This is very much a story about siblings. Valora is aboard the ship to reunite with her twin brother, and together they'll face family traumas and revisit the dreams they once created together. I loved that Valora was an aspiring acrobat and that she was a strong, fierce lead. This book also deals heavily with anti-Asian racism and xenophobia, and I really liked that it highlighted Chinese passengers on board the Titanic, whose stories have often been left out of the narrative.

Perfect for fans of historical fiction as well as readers interested in the Titanic or books about siblings!