A good YA historical fiction

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I enjoyed this book and I thought it was a pretty good Young Adult historical fiction. I loved the characters and thought they were very well written. I also loved reading and learning about this time period. I feel like there are not a lot of books written about the Titanic and it was an enjoyable topic to read about. My only complaint was that the book seemed very slow-paced. The majority of the action seemed to happen at the very end of the book. Some parts of the book also seemed kind of boring. Still, I did find the book interesting and enjoyed the majority of it. The ending of the book surprised me and I love when books are not predictable. I really loved the main character and thought she was very strong and inspirational. All in all, this was a decent read and I would recommend it and hope to read some more of this author's work as well. I am glad that I read it.