A Fantastic Book!

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Warning, Spoilers Ahead

First off, the cover of this book is beautiful. I was surprised on how much I loved this book. What drew me in was it was about the Titanic and it had a historical background I didn't learn about in school. Two things I didn't know were one, the Titanic had Chinese passengers and most survived and two, the United States had a Chinese Exclusion Act. I absolutely loved Valora Luck and her relationship with Jamie and her new companions. I knew what was going to happen in the end since we all know the demise of the ship, but I wasn't prepared for Valora's end. I cried and held back tears. This wrecked me and I loved it. The writing had me hooked and and wanting more. Stacey Lee did a remarkable job with not just the story, but had a different take on the unknown lives at this time of history. I am going to recommend this to everyone I know to read.