Dangers of the Sea

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I have never read a book about the titanic so it sounds really interesting. I remember watching documentaries on the titanic and they were so captivating so I expect great things from this book. The topic itself, like I am sure for many others, is one that provides so much entertainment, not because I am glad it happened, but just because of the magnitude of the event. I love the fantasy take on this well-known event. Also, I love when a cast of characters is added especially with a large number of different characters.

I love the cover with all its details. It has the city in the background and the small details that set up the culture for the book. The cover picture itself isn't only breathtaking but the colors used also sets the mood for the book really well too. The faded more toned-down colors give me the sense of it being historical. Also, love the fonts used on the cover and for the text in the book. Doesn't make the story any better but it does help with the whole experience.