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Do you ever feel like your house is stuffed with material things that you aren't frequently using? Are you constantly striving to buy the next shiny, new electronic gadget and then, once you own it, quickly get bored with it? Do you constantly try to "keep up with the Jones"? Despite all your "stuff" and a hefty salary, are you still fundamentally unhappy? If you answered yes to any of these questions... this book might be for you. The authors suggest to us that sometimes owning fewer items is actually going to make you happier and more fulfilled in life. They teach real and simple steps that you can follow to eject extra stuff from your house and your life. They also include strategies for saving and managing money. They implore us to really question our purchases and practice some delayed gratification. They also throw in a bit of mindfulness practice though they don't mention it by name.
Overall, a good practical guide to changing the way you view consumerism.