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I received a free physical copy, the review is my own.

I have never heard of The Minimalists before picking up this book and was not really sure what to expect when reading. This book was part self-help and part memoir. I knocked off a star because though it was interesting learning about the authors personal story it felt like I was reading two different books smashed together at times and the author came off more narcissistic then I personally appreciated.

Like most self-help books this is all "duh" stuff. The piece that stuck out to me the most, that I think anyone could easily digest, were the foundational values. The author used the same exact scenario but changed out one of the five values for each scenario.

The scenario that always gets to me is the relationship one, in this case "Foundational Value 2".
If you won the lottery, were in the best shape of your life, had no debt, had the dream home, don't need to work but had no one in your life to share it with, no friends/family/loved ones, would it really be worth it?

Worth the read as a reminder that things only matter so much. Things are replaceable. Human connection is necessary. There were great ideas on how to take a hard look at your life and your personal self to reset your thinking away from what you can buy to what you can do.