Great Read to Learn to Declutter

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I was really curious about reading this book. We are about to move to a different place, and in the process of getting rid of some of the stuff to ease off the transition. And by doing it, we kind of rethink what really matters in life.

In this book, the Minimalists authors focus on "Love People" and "Use Things", in this book talks about how it is better to hold back from buying new items. I do agree to many aspects of this book. I like that they point out that having relationships to people is much better than having too much around your house.

I thought it was curious that they suggest doing a "moving party" to help minimize the stuff you own. I agree with this. That moving does help you find what sort of items you want to keep and what you can let go. I personally have trouble with letting go of items. I like to college books and stationary items. Yet, I found ways to re-home or even trade certain items. :-) I personally try hard to keep my room somewhat picked up and clean.