Throughly Enjoyed

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I will begin by saying I am a fan of Clayborn’s Love Lettering and Love at First did not disappoint. It began a bit slower but it really helped set up the story. After about 80 pages, it became fast paced and not easy to put down.

I really enjoyed how the story, although it had romance, centered around family, not the one you’re born with but the one you choose. The romance aspect is there, but it’s more about different types of love, romantic, familiar, friendship, and the types that loves you unconditionally

The book is filled with witty one liners and characters that I wish existed outside of the book. Most of the book takes place in the apartment building that even made it feel like it was character of it’s own. Every time it was described it felt like I was there and could visualize its quirky characteristics.

This book will not disappoint you.