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Kate Clayborn's writing works for me in such a major way. She suffuses all these tiny details into her books, down to the sentence level (with judicious yet delicious use of parens to include little asides!). More than once, it felt like she writes how I think.

The plot of Love at First is a bit slower than my average romance read, but I'm glad I was along for the ride: This one gets swoon-y! The conflict between the two main characters (Nora and Will) isn't MAJOR, which I actually liked - it made them feel more like adults. Or at least, it made them feel true to life/my romantic experiences (sometimes conflict and tension are quiet things).

And I'd be remiss not to mention the cast. Will recently inherited an apartment in Nora's building - she considers all those living there to be family aaand he wants to unload his unit asap. I really enjoyed scenes with the neighbors, as well as Will and Nora's friends.

Mostly this one just gave me warm fuzzies so I'm happy to recommend it!