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Story of Love & Healing

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Will Sterling fell in love with Nora when he saw her on her Nonna's balcony. He swears his heart skipped a beat when he looked up at her. Just when he was about to call up to Nora, he overheard his mother and his life changed forever.

Over the next 10 years, Will grew up because he had no other choice. He became a responsible, charming doctor who didn’t dwell on things he couldn’t fix. WIll could calm hysterical patients and their families, working efficiently in his emergency room, and not get attached to anything or anyone. His career was moving forward. Until his Uncle Donny, a man he never knew, ruined it.

Nora loves her Nonna’s home. Since moving into the cozy sixplex in Chicago, she knows she is finally home. She’s surrounded by her found family, who love Nonna, knew Nora when she was growing up, and are supportive of her, even if they are a little nosy. When Will inherits the apartment from Donny, her comfortable bubble is popped. He wants to change everything and Nora will do everything in her power to stop him. She will preserve Nonna’s home with everything she has, and not notice the handsome doctor with the soothing voice, dreamy eyes, and toned body. She WON’T.

A story of healing, moving on, and love, Kate Clayborn weaves a story of life and how each moment can shape your future. The tenants will have you laughing, crying, and cheering alongside them. Nora and Will’s relationship goes deeper than either of them knows. Moving forward means moving on from the hurts and insecurities hold them in place, but are they willing to trust each other?