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spectacularly beautiful romance

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This book was spectacular. As i read the first chapter / prologue the author created such a unique voice that I felt like I could hear the narrator and even the tone of voice they would use to read the story. The writing was so beautiful it was almost lyrical in its rhythmic style making it extremely easy to read and enjoy.

As for the story itself it was a slow burn enemies to friends to lovers romance wherein our hero Dr. Will Sterling inherits a condo in Nora Clarke's building. A building she associates with the found family she has built there and her grandmother's memory. A building Will wants only to be rid of and turn into a short term rental property which would potentially disrupt the delicate ecosystem of the condo family. Enter the enemies part of our story and lots of silly and adorable hijinks that ensue as the condo residents led by Nora, try to halt Will's progress.

Even when they do give in to their instincts and start something up together, it is a tentative unclassified romance that keeps them both off kilter and ultimately requires both of them to do some introspection in order to come to terms what is really holding them back and what they really want.

The author created a dynamic set of side characters at the condo building and in Will's life that all helped propel the story forward and add depth and texture to the already beautiful story.