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I loved this book. Before BookishFirst, I had never heard of this book. I wanted to read it, though, because of the gorgeous cover and good reviews. And it lived up to the hype; Kate Clayborn has a magical way of writing, of describing, that just makes you want to read more. It's a sweet, heartfelt, charming romance that I felt was cute. I felt myself get invested into the lives of Nora and Will, felt myself rooting for them.

The book is about Nora and Will, who meet as teens but don't see each other much. Later on in life, Nora inherits her Nonna's apartment and Will inherits his Uncle's, after he dies. Nora and the other residents of the neighboring apartments are close, and none are too happy when Will comes along and breaks the peace that they have created.

Though I did love this book, I found it to be similar to other romance books, sort of basic, which is why I took off a star. I think it could have used more humor, but overall really recommend.