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Only Kate Clayborn can produce something like this-- an amazingly crafted, swoon inducing romance that is also a meditation on family, community, grief, and loss. Will and Nora's love sat at the center of this story, but I was just as moved by the other loves we saw: Nora and neighbors, Will and his boss, Gerald and Sally. This book is romance at its best, showing and celebrating all of the ways we can love and be loved in this world. It felt both timeless and totally attuned to the present moment when so many of our loved ones feel so far away; how we create community when it isn't available to us in conventional ways. I will treasure the feeling of reading this book for the first time for a long time and can't wait for the many, many rereads to come.

In short, cannot recommend this book enough. So grateful for the way Kate Clayborn sees the world; I leave the worlds she creates in her books feeling so hopeful, optimistic, and warm.