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Not My Type of Book

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DNF at 50%

After really looking forward to this, I’m super disappointed to say that it didn’t work for me. I started it off reading in a loud environment, so i figured that was the reason for my initial dislike, but my dislike just multiplied with time.

Have you ever tried to read a book, but found that you couldn’t relate to a single character? That right there was my problem with this book. I never cared for Will, but I grew to despise Nora. She was petty, and completely one-dimensional. Honestly, I know nothing about her. I can’t even recall why she cared so much about a literal armchair in Donny’s apartment.

My second problem with this was the entire plot. I just didn’t understand it. Will had an apartment left to him, so why were these residents so concerned with what he was going to do with it?? It’s not like he was going to throw raging parties, so what was the problem with renting it out? As long as he was responsible, these people shouldn’t have cared. Instead of keeping to themselves, these resident launch a vendetta against him, and basically attempt to sabotage his efforts. I’m sorry if I can’t relate to a bunch of petty characters who feel they have a say in anything and everything.

And finally, I despised the romance. Or, should I say infatuation? As soon as Will saw the girl on the balcony, I groaned, because it was one of the worst cases of insta-love I have ever read. And, as soon as Will moves back into the apartment, his thoughts are immediately circling around Nora. I can handle insta love if it’s done well, but this was too much. It just made the characters feel fake because 80% of their personality was based off of their attraction to the other.

The one thing I did enjoy about this was our kittens, Francis and Quincey. They were adorable, and as a cat lover, books with cats get automatic points. Sadly, even the kittens couldn’t save this. Considering that it has glowing reviews, there must be something I missed, but it’s not something I care about enough to continue.

Thanks to Kate Clayborn and Netgalley for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review