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Lovely Romance with Community Focus

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Sometimes when you are reading a good book, there is one perfect moment when you realize this will be one to remember. Thankfully my moment in this story came very early, and by the end I was laughing and crying and rooting for these characters as if I really knew them.

But first, the beginning! At the start, we meet a young Will, who falls in love with a girl’s voice on what comes to be one of the worst days of his life. Sixteen years later, that same girl, Nora, has moved into her Nonna’s apartment and is slightly perturbed to see her dear neighbor’s nephew inheriting a unit in her beloved apartment. She sets out to lightly sabotage his rental plans, and he sets out to prove he’s not such a bad guy to the ragtag group of homeowners who make up the building.

Obviously romance ensues (of course it does, have you seen the gorgeous cover on this book that indicates as much?) but while I loved the relationship, what really touched my heart was the sense of community. In this time of isolation, I think it’s important to remember we don’t live in silos. The loneliness during the pandemic has sometimes felt all consuming, but this book reminded me that none of us are really alone. We can choose our “family,” and we shouldn’t be afraid to make connections simply because we don’t want to get hurt.

I took so much from this story and I’m so grateful for the chance to read it. I hope others feel the same joy I felt while getting to know Will and Nora, and cherish the connections we have in our own lives!