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I won it and I finally got to read the whole and let me tell you it was just as good as I thought it was going to be I have a new book boyfriend and I love everything about the book even though I love the story I can say I love the cover so much more than anything in the world I.I would recommend it to the romance lovers it was really special it keep me want more I could not put the book down.I went everywhere with it until I finished.I now feel like I am and empty I also heckling have a book hangover so yup I think It was a really good read so go and. Read also check out the authors other works that is always helpful for the the authors that is what I am going to do.I also just realize I didn’t put and periods in between the sentences so sorry but I think you understand it hopefully sorry anyways bye don’t forget to go and check out the book bye love y’all alllllllllll.