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It Is cute!

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I rarely read anything romance but I was hooked from the very beginning of this book! Thank you so much to Kensington books and Bookish First for my free copy! When will is a teenager he encountered Nora , he was tagging along with his mom to meet an uncle he never knew about . Later on will inherited his uncle’s Apartment. He wanted to change the apartment but not without pushback from other residents and Nora, people who aren’t welcomed to the change. Nora is definitely a sweetheart & I grew to love these characters. Kate Clayborn put together a beautiful story with will and Nora a type of “From enemy’s to lovers” type of situation going on , but it was overall cute. It is a very heartwarming novel with a second chance at love. While will was visiting his uncle he heard Nora on her balcony and this memory stays vivid for Will and he can not believe he is back in that same building with the girl who took his breath away all those years ago.