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I need to move into this complex !

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Ok I love this book, I want to move into this building. It brought pure joy and every minute I didn’t want it to end. The relationship between them is amazing, the building of their characters, I loved reading from both POV as well. The side characters I found charming and actually cared reading about their interactions - can’t wait to spread joy about this book. Well done! Also I have a new book boyfriend...and a doctor. I love that I actually enjoyed the side characters as well...found them endearing. It’s a big city, but with small town vibes...quirky neighbors community events I’m here for. They have great chemistry. I love that it started out with him having his “first look at love” and now the slow build to see what happens there. Enemies to lovers and second chance romance is amazing. Her writing is well done and I actually can easily follow along.