I Liked It A Lot!

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Will first glimpses Nora at the age of 15 when he comes to his uncle’s (he didn’t know existed) apartment with his mom. Nora is on the 3rd floor yelling at what is revealed to be squirrels eating their tomato plants. And next thing Will knows, he’s being pelted with said tomatoes.

Fast forward 16 years and Nora is living in the apartment her Nonna left her when she passed away. Just a short time later, Donny, Will’s uncle, unexpectedly passes away and leaves his apartment to Will with the condition that Will keep it for a year. Will plans to offer it up as a short term rental. The tenants of the building are strongly opposed to this. Nora sabotages most of Will’s plans but there’s a spark between them that’s undeniable.

This story had a nice flow to it and I read the majority of it in one day. Comparing it to the author’s previous novel, Love Lettering (also 4 stars based solely on the 2nd half), I enjoyed this one a lot more and felt more connected to Nora and Will than I did to Meg and Reid. A solid 4 stars for the entire novel and I look forward to future novels by this author.