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I enjoyed it!

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In Love at First we are introduced to two main characters, Nora and Will. Nora lives in an apartment building that is beloved to her and the other residents (a cast of characters who are quirky and likeable) while Will has just inherited an apartment in this same building that he is less than thrilled about. Will is hoping to take his apartment and lease it out to short-term renters which throws the other residents for a loop! Drama ensues between the renters and Will with Nora at the forefront. This is an enemies to lovers romance with a fun plot behind the love story.

A fun twist to this story is that there is a prologue where 16 years ago, Will was visiting his uncle who lived in the apartment and he actually heard Nora on her balcony. This memory stays vivid for Will and he cannot believe that he is back in the same building with this girl who took his breath away all those years ago.