Heartwarming and Sweet!

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Let me start by saying that Will and Nora are adorable. Love at First isn't a rom-com, and it isn't a bodice-ripper (although there are some steamy scenes). It's this adorable and realistic romance.

As a 15 year old, Will learned early that romance and love were hard, and he spent the next 15 years trying to become a responsible person that didn't have to face that kind of love. But when he inherits an apartment and meets Nora, his plans start to fall apart. And, while their romance is adorable and sweet, I also became invested in the lives of the side characters- Gerald (Will's boss) and Sally (Gerald's ex-wife) and the lovely neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Salas, Jonah, Emily, Marian, and Benny.

There were some points when I was frustrated with the wordiness and description (wanting to move on to the plot), but I think the character descriptions and unique dialogues made up for it. I'd recommend this to people that like romances or even as a gateway romance genre.