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Love at First was such a sweet treat. Slow to start in the plot points but quickly picked up. Clayborn has a way to get you emotionally invested in not only her main characters but the ones that add volume to this scrumptious story.

Nora is discovering her own love for life while holding onto traditions and the safety of the past. While Will is doing everything he can to forget the past and move forward. This is a sticky situation for them both as one brings change and the other brings up hard truths.

Pleasing plot line with lovable characters and a healthy enemies to lovers relationship. A side cast of sassy souls that was exactly what Nora and Will needs. The feeling of found family continued to pull on my heartstrings through the whole book. While there was a peek of their individual lives at their respective jobs it added a nice outside perspective and did not make this sweet story dull.

Lots of love learned in this beautiful book of self preservation, understanding pasts, hope for the future, changing family dynamics and adventuring into the true love at first.