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Family is Defined by Love, not Genetics

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I really enjoyed Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn, so my expectations were high for her next novel ... and Love at First exceeded them! Thank you to Kensington Books for the gifted ARC.

Nora and Will's story, set in Chicago, features an Airbnb-esque apartment, definitely a unique reflection of our time. The novel includes several additional themes (poetry, parental loss, progress vs. honoring tradition) with the most important: friendships can be found in the most surprising circumstances, and family is defined by love and support rather than by blood and genetics. I enjoyed meeting Nora's neighbors in her apartment building and would love to attend one of their poetry nights.

The moment when the author explains the title's meaning - just 20 pages from the end - was completely worth the wait. This is an open door romance with a moderate amount of details.