Enemies-to-Lovers Contemporary Romance - Hooked from the start!

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“You don’t have to love people the way you learned to love at first.”

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Thank you to BookishFirst and Kensington Books for a copy of this book in an exchange for an honest review!

I read this for the Emperor Zurg prompt in Pixarathon for "features an antagonist" as both main characters can be considered the other's antagonist for a large portion of the book.

I had not heard of Love at First until I read the excerpt on BookishFirst, but was immediately taken in by the gorgeous cover and writing that left me excited to flip every page.

I do not have a large amount of experience with modern contemporary romances, as I generally find them boring and lean towards fantasy or historical genres. Because of this, I could not believe how much I adored this book! Not only is it a hilarious and emotionally compelling story, but the parallels to Romeo and Juliet and the concept of showing love how you were shown love as a child?? It's been weeks and I'm still thinking about it daily.

By the end of the story, I was invested not just in Will and Nora's story, but all of the other residents' lives, and the lives of Will's boss and realtor. That's how good it was. I'm already about to run and buy Kate Clayborn's other novel because she is about to earn favorite author status after just one book. 11/10 would recommend.