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Cute Rom-Com

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I like a good fluffy romantic comedy from time to time, but this one left me lacking a little something. I was more interested in the quirky community of neighbors than I was in the two main protagonists Will and Nora. I did think their characters had interesting back stories and histories but this wasn’t fleshed out a whole lot. That being said there was a cute meet (two if you count the almost meet they had which was arguably the better of the two). And the plot was enjoyable even if it was completely predictable. The writing was good and there was a nice thread of humor through the whole story. Teenage Will’s mother brings him to his uncle’s house to ask for help and he even though he desperately needs glasses he is denying he spots the blurry image of her on the balcony and he feels an instant connection. Years later his uncle leaves him that apartment and he is taken aback to hear the same voice call to him from the balcony. Of course they’re opposites so in between their arguments they can’t help the sparks from flying.