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Cute read!

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While romance isn't my preferred genre I am VERY glad I got an ARC of this! I was hooked from the very beginning of this book. Thank you so much Kensington books and BookishFirst for my free copy! I absolutely devoured this book once it came.

Will encounters Nora when he is a teenager, tagging along with his mother to meet an uncle he never knew about. Flash forward and Will has inherited his estranged Uncle's apartment. Will is determined to fix up the dilapidated apartment but not without push back from Nora and other residents, who aren't welcome to the change. Nora is a sweetheart who favors nostalgia and I really grew to love these characters. Kate Clayborn wove together a beautiful story with Will and Nora have an 'enemy-to-lovers' type situation going on, but overall it was a cute, heartwarming romance novel with a second chance at love.