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This book I was so excited about. Used my saved points for it. The cover is stunning. Made me so excited about it. But sadly this one let me down. It was a cute overall romantic read. I just didn't fall in love with the characters at all. And the storyline overall was really pretty slow for me. If your looking for just a cute romantic book I feel like this is for you. It was like a year's later after one meet the become enemies then lovers. Overall like I said super cute. This was my first book I've actually read by this particular author. Would I read more. Yes I definitely would. This one just wasn't a hit the spot romance book for me personally. Still was a good read though. I mean I sat down in a day and devoured it which says a lot. Thank you so much bookish first for letting me gets my hands on this one early and to give my honest review and thoughts on this one!!