Beautiful Story

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I’ll admit, I was in a bit of a reading slump when I started Love at First. Because of this, I didn’t do my usual read-in-one-sitting read of this book but rather, stretched it over a few days. This actually gave me more time to enjoy the book and revel in the beauty of Kate Clayborn’s writing. I honestly don’t have words to describe how skilled her writing style is. You really used need to pick up one of her books and experience it for yourself.

The title of Love at First and the description made me think this was going to be a lovers reunited story. But really, it was a story about discovering what love is and what it means to you. There are examples of unhealthy love, platonic love, love in friendships, love in found families. This is honestly just a love story. Will and Nora are such expertly crafted characters with hidden depths and as they find their way to each other and develop their own love story, it’s just everything. In addition to Will and Nora, there is a whole cast of intriguing side characters who help bring this story to life. Love at First is a beautiful story and one that really hits home with a reader who’s life is going through changes.