Another Delight

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I absolutely loved Love Lettering, and Kate Clayborn's next book did not disappoint! It addressed real issues that the characters were having, with family, with letting go, with standing up for themselves, with steamy enemies-to-lovers chemistry. Enemies-to-lovers isn't my favorite trope, but this was done right, with some early miscommunications that were easily surmountable and a lot of care between the two main characters.

A lot of steaminess and a full cast of enjoyable characters, this book features a found family in the kind of condo complex we can all only dream of. When Will Sterling inherits his estranged uncle's condo he wants nothing to do with it and immediately sets out to renovate it to make is accessible for short term rentals. Nora Clarke is not happy about this project at all and sets out to sabotage his plans. Romance, of course, ensues.