A Sweet Story

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Fifteen year old Will Stirling catches sight of a beautiful girl on her apartment balcony - in the next moment his life changes forever and not for the better. Sixteen years later Will is back at the same apartment building, but this time the girl on the balcony is his opponent. Nora Clarke does not want her beloved apartment building to change, so when handsome and infuriating Will inherits the downstairs unit and tries to turn it into a rental, Nora is in for a battle. Is it possible for Will and Nora to come to a truce and maybe find love?

Love at First felt like a typical romance, with all the cheesy bits that are expected with this sort of book (sparks fly when their hands touch!). The story was really cute though and the cast of secondary characters were charming. Though the focus was primarily on the romantic relationship, the book also explored the positive and negative impact of family and the importance of home.

There were a few open door scenes for readers who enjoy that sort of thing. They were pretty easy to skim/skip, though, for those who would rather not read the steamy bits.