A chance encounter

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This is definitely a cute and quirky little romance with a twist of quirky with a dash of love sprinkled all over this book ! A chance encounter of a man Will who is visiting by his uncles at his apartment with his mom gets sent outside so the mom can talk to the uncle so will proceeds to step outside onto the ground floor apartment balcony/ porch and suddenly as he is talking someone is talking back and throwing tomatoes at him then 16 years goes by and he inherits uncle said apartment and he again stands outside to talk and this same woman again is there talking on the balcony above him whom he cannot see and a whirlwind love story begins to unfold for this doctor will and he finally meets Nora and they pursue a relationship together and in the end one night on the balcony he proposes to her ! Such a cute story with lots of quirky parts to it ! Really enjoyed this one