Man meets stranger from his past

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Will's uncle dies, leaving him as the executer of his estate; in this, he has inherited his apartment, with one glitch - he can't get rid of it for one year. Will barely knew his uncle, and the one time he recalls meeting him - sixteen years ago - he had spent most of his time outdoors, per his uncle's request. While outside he had heard and seen a girl on the balcony above his uncle's place. Fast forward to the present, will is checking out his deceased uncles's apartment, stepping out on the balcony to get some fresh air, when he becomes aware of a woman on the balcony above him. They talk, and he wonders, is this the girl I saw years ago? As the story continues, the reader (me!) will be anxious to see what will become of this mysterious relationship, and whether Will will sell or keep the apartment. Such an intriguing storyline of meeting someone from your past and wanting to know more about them now.