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Locust Lane by Stephen Amidon started at a slow pace, but the more I read, the more interested in the storyline I became. The author did an excellent job in the book’s character development which, in turn, enhanced the twists and turns of the story. Throughout the book the author emphasized the class privilege of the wealthy and privileged such as Oliver and Cecilia. Oliver does exploit his status as he had preferred access to the police and the support of the local plutocracy. Oliver, also, has a history of protecting his flawed son, Jack, with bribes to his son’s alleged victims. Conversely, the victim’s mother, Danielle, is shunned by the police. Her attempts to be informed regarding her daughter’s murder are constantly eschewed by Detective Gates.

At times, this theme of class privilege gets a bit wearisome. The outcome of the story becomes predictable based on the alleged class disparities.

Nonetheless, despite the author’s overused disquisition on socioeconomic class benefits and struggles, the novel is an enjoyable read. It is well written page turner and I rated it a four.