Slow Burn

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I was beyond excited when I got a copy of this author’s debut. The summary sounded like a good thriller. I can stick with a slow, but this book had such a slow burn it felt like nothing was really happening. The story is told from five perspectives and included the perspectives of the three children at the center of the mystery. Most of them weren’t great people and were pretty unreliable narrators. I also didn’t feel the different voices as strongly as I would like, it felt like one narrator just switching main characters. I like multiple perspectives but this left things pretty murky. The mystery did pick up in the end, but the ending was so awful and unsatisfying I’m not sure it was much better. The writing itself was good and the author clearly had some great ideas. This slow burn with this ending is probably the right book for some people but I don’t think it was the right book for me. It was ok, but didn’t leave me an instant fan.