Murder most rich

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I don't generally like books with multiple viewpoints, but this author pulled it off seamlessly. Each time the viewpoint changed, you knew about it. You knew who was chasing the action. There were very little gaps in time between the changes.
This is a murder mystery, set in a town of wealthy, powerful people. A girl from the more modestly moneyed side of town had been murdered. She had been partying with three other schoolmates, so the suspect pool was small. The police focused on one student quickly. They had to; the other two teens were from very prominent, wealthy, powerful, connected families. Funny how that works. If you're that rich, then someone else must be guilty.
As to the points of view: there are lots of them. There are the three surviving teens, three fathers, three mothers, one stepmother, and a witness who tells a story that contradicts the official one. He's a drunk who's drinking has gotten worse since his own daughter died of a drug overdose years before this murder. Because of his drinking, his witness is disregarded. That doesn't shut him up. He tries to get a confession from the person he thought he saw that night. That effort doesn't end well.
Will justice prevail or will money allow the guilty party avoid punishment? The book is an easy read. It moves fast. The action takes about a week. I enjoyed it. I think you will to.
I received the copy of this book I read for this review from the publisher on NetGalley.