Hooked from the first few words

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This book had me caught in it's web after reading the first few words. Very good opener on the author's part. Hitting a dog with a car immediately got my attention. Then when the main character says he is not exactly under the legal limit I realized just how bad this situation could get. When he decides not to leave the dog he hurt, it really made me feel good about the character and his integrity. The story really had me at this point. When the dog turned on him and he saw a man in the shadows, it creeped me out but also had me intrigued. So far the main character seems to have some kind of drinking problem. Ahhh so it is Eden that is murdered? Interesting choice of name to give to the murdered party. I love books that show different characters' perspectives so I am almost positive I will be buying this book. It seems really interesting and not afraid to put an attention grabber out there to catch a reader.