Fascinating Mystery Tale

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The reader has the key to the novel in the first few pages, but it will do them no good until they reach the end, and an aha! moment. The primary storyline involves three young people and their possible connection to the death of a fourth young woman. The story unfolds through multiple-viewpoints, none of them the three youth, and none first-person. Rather, most of it is from the viewpoint of several of the parents. All the narrators are a bit untrustworthy and the story flows in overlapping time frames, as readers revisit events from different viewpoints. As different information is reavealed we begin to realize that none of them are particularly heroic or appealing. This is a well-crafted book that is as much commentary on this affluent neighborhood as it is a simple who-done-it. Everyone in the story has something they are hiding or have not faced. The pace definitely accelerates toward the end, making it hard to put down. This is a good, well-written read. Be warned, however, this is not a simple feel-good tale.