Held my breath through the prologue!

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Wow... that beginning. I was holding my breath. I was not expecting the prologue to read like a horror novel. After our initial introduction to Patrick and his terrible night, we go through several other perspectives (Danielle, Celia, Alice, & Michel) and are introduced to many characters. Fortunately, the perspectives are different enough and each chapter is titled with someone's name, so it should be easy enough to keep them all straight once you figure out who is who.

This is the first work I've read by Stephen Amidon. I enjoyed his writing style and would be interested to see how this puzzle turns out. I look forward to reading the full story.

(Side note - I feel that I need to mention to other readers that the novel begins with a dog being hit by a car. There is more to the scene, but I know many readers are sensitive to scenes like that with animals, so you have been forewarned.)