Romance during a lockdown

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So many characters that gives this story a wide variety of personalities to read about and all them interesting enough to move the plot forward. There's no chapter or point of view that you want to skip. The book format should've been looked at and corrected which is the only thing about it that I didn't like. I didn't expect to like this book as much as I did.

There were so many instances where I laughed out loud at something funny or ridiculous a character would do, say, or, think. Each storyline and each group of characters come to the end with their unique completion, all with a nice bow tied to it. I didn't feel as if any questions were left unanswered nor as if there were cliffhangers of any sort.

Each character came in with their unique voice, personality, story, and circumstances. I also loved that every single character was somehow tied to another from a different story.