More Suited For a Teenager

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I thought the premise of this book sounded interesting since it was about some folks who couldn't leave the apartment building they were in due to the start of the pandemic. However, as I continued I thought this was the kind of book I would have enjoyed MAYBE in high school. The characters were flat and regarding Danny and Isla nothing really happened at all. Other characters irritated me in the actions they took and things they said.

I guess it wasn't a bad story but definitely more suited for a younger person. It was filled with trivial problems especially in light of major events like a pandemic and other real problems people are dealing with. Maybe the author wanted to give the things of this day and age a lighter spin, but for me, it just seemed so trivial. It certainly wasn't a bad premise, just too much fluff and not enough substance. I appreciate the win, though! Thank you to Bookish First and NetGalley.