Meta Quarantine Romance Stories

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I claimed a copy of this book via BookishFirst!~

TW: this book takes place during the COVID-19 pandemic during early quarantine/lockdown***

So let's get into it -

The cover: I really liked the cover right off the bat, it shows a bit of an outside view of what we can assume is the apartment where all of the main stories within this book is taking place.

The book: I did really like how this wasn't just ONE romance/love during lockdown story. This book features multiple couples that all live within the same apartment and their various experiences with romance/drama/relationship problems. They are not all "fairytale" romances, which I appreciate. There's a whole lot of drama, complications, and heartbreak too. It was a very meta read, so tread carefully if anything related to the quarantine or lockdown is not your thing.

One downside: at times, the multiple viewpoints were difficult to follow before getting to really know all of the characters.

Overall: This was a solid 4 out of 5 stars for me. I really enjoyed the whole book and getting to know all of the characters throughout.