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This book was such a fun ride! I loved following the different stories, or apartments, as they made their way through quarantine. It helped that I also was in quarantine so I could feel a weird connection with all of them. This book takes you through the journey of Ethan, Isla, Serena, Imogen, and Olivia as they are locked in their apartments for a week and facing very different challenges. I really enjoyed the difference in experiences. From a one night stand to a girls weekend gone wrong to a budding relationship drama it covers all the possibilities. This book is part romance, part comedy, part our own personal memoir-bringing back good and bad memories from all out times in lockdown!

Unpopular opinion: While it was hard, I kind of miss doing puzzles and watching tiger king on repeat while not changing out of my pajamas for days on end.

I really loved the layout of this book to go from apartment to apartment and tell a story over time, it kept me interested and wasnt so in depth that I got lost trying to keep up. It also had a broad storyline so there is a little something for everyone!