Like the concept.

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I adore this concept. It mirrors what we are currently going through throughout the world with our own pandemic. Sometimes it's great to read about other people going through similar things, it makes it feel more human.

Imogen wakes up after a night with the man whose name she isn't entirely sure of. She slips out of bed, gathering her things and exiting the apartment intent on leaving. Well until a man handing out leaflets announcing the lockdown of the building stops her. She tries to convince the man to let her out of the building but he won't budge, which means she's stuck staying in the apartment for a week with the man whose name she doesn't even remember.

This seems like a very fun read, I look forward to hearing more about Imogen and how her stay with Nate goes. After reading their interaction when he lets her back in the apartment, I already am rooting for the two. It was cute and I really hope it turns out well. I also loved how Ethan was so open about missing Charlotte. I wasn't expecting him to be a twitch streamer which was a welcome surprise seeing as I consume a lot of streams in my downtime. Ethan seems very sweet and funny, I already enjoy his character a lot.