Interesting but difficult to keep track of characters

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I was really expecting to like this one more since I am a huge fan of all the Kissing Booth books. I think there may have just been too many characters and too much going on for me to really get into it all. I had a difficult time keeping characters/stories straight and how they may or may not had been connected to other characters. My favorites were probably Ethan and Charlotte. I loved how their story played out and even though they weren't together most of the time, they had great chemistry. I was irritated with how shallow Isla was being in regard to being "perfect" all the time for Danny. Once they got that sorted out, they also became a favorite to read. The style of writing was good I just think there were too many characters. Maybe focusing on 3 apartments at most would have worked a little better to keep things easier to keep track. Overall, it was an interesting plot. I didn't think I would ever be interested in reading a book revolving around a pandemic but I'm glad I gave this one shot.