What a fun and wild ride!

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This was such a fun and wild ride. This is a retelling of the Goose Girl story which I was unfamiliar with but you do not need to know the original story to love this one. From the first page the author hooks you in and doesn't let you go. There are troublesome girls and devious gods, princesses and detectives, and general treachery and humor. Vanja's character is both lovable and a hot mess wrapped up in one fiercely spunky package.

This is a great tale of overcoming your own weaknesses and the importance of found family. It is fun and humorous while still embracing some more serious themes and issues.

This retelling was fresh and original and unlike anything else I have ever read. I would recommend this one to anyone who enjoys retellings or just fantastical tales in general. You will close this book laughing and with a full heart for these strong characters and wild tales.