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This book was really aces. It looks like its going to be a duology but can easily be read as a standalone. I loved Vanja.. she has a lot flaws and trauma, an antiheroine of sorts. You spend the first half of the book just wondering why she's so much of an asshole (lol) and then some things happen and things just get emotionallll, like I felt her trauma in my heart.

Ragne was an absolute delight and quite possible my favorite character, with Emeric coming in second. Emeric is just adorable and charming in his grumpy awkward way you can't help but love him and the tortue Vanja puts him through.

The beginning is slow paced and didn't grip me initially (minus that prologue written in the fairytale style) but really warms up later on, especially as Vanja's forced heroism develops. I'm curious as to where Owen will go with the next installment. I have high hopes for it, but also a bit of hesitation since the the first story feels very self contained.