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How do you even review a book like this? I fell in love with Margaret Owen reading this book. The Merciful Crow has been on my TBR for the longest time and I'm now eating crow that I haven't read it sooner.

I want to bathe in her prose. It's so gorgeous and silky and just incredibly well-crafted. I love the way she seamlessly transitions between the third person omniscient fairy tale-esque narrator and Vanya's impertinent, sarcastic first person POV. She just has such a mastery of words and the English language, and I am stupidly jealous.

She has also mastered the craft of storytelling, and I am, again, ridiculously jealous. The way the tale is woven and built over the course five hundred pages is a work of art, and I was spell-bound the entire time I was reading it. I couldn't even find the time to try to predict plot twists or guess the ending because I was too busy wrapping myself in this stunning tale.