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Okay, everyone! This came as a shock to me but I completely, absolutely loved this one! It's not often (really, it's not almost ever) that I give out those lauded, those coveted five star ratings but I DID for this book.
Everything about Little Thieves by Margaret Owen was perfection: the plot, characters, pacing, imagery- it was all so good! Highly recommend!

Okay. More about the story, since I have over 300 characters left before they'll let me submit this. This is loosely based on the German fairytale The Good Girl. It's brilliant. It's riveting. It was an utter delight and when I tell you that I listened to the audiobook, I mean I sat and stared and did not dare multitask because I did not want to miss a bare second of this story. The characters are horrible and selfish but their arcs went straight to my heart in a way that I can't let go of. Time for a reread.